Threebond 2000 Series are 1 and 2 part epoxy adhesives for industrial assembly applications.

Specialised adhesives for adhering, potting and repairing of a vast array of materials.

Consultation with Threebond representatives will result in the correct part number for your application.

The 2200 series are single part heat cured epoxies and are generally manufactured to order due to the shorter shelf life (approx. 6 months) of these adhesives.

A comprehensive catalogue is available for more accurate choice for individual requirements.



Stick Putty - Metal Repair

Two-part epoxy putty stick, seals and repairs leaks in steel, aluminum,
wood, fibreglass, concrete, and ceramics.



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Cures hard as steel and can be painted, sanded, machined, tapped, or drilled when fully cured. Moulding with fingers mixes putty and cure commences immediately. Temperature resistant to 260ºc.